I just really love how hard these two shipped their characters and how much they obviously enjoy it.

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So today imma go and try to get my driving test. Long time not feeling so anxious..


I missed the train..

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And now is the time to declare yourself. Come forward and join us… or die.

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Stonefield sighting in London (9/1/2014)

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#he looks like hes counting them off before they break out into an inspired dance number

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weasleywrinkles asked:

Would you imagine Ron and Hermione going back to Hogwarts as a couple ? I mean after the war. How would it go ?


I don’t think they would have gone back as a couple. Hermione would have returned but not Ron or Harry. I think Hogwarts held too many memories for all of them and I doubt Hermione would have gone back if she didn’t hold her education at the uttermost importance. 

But if they were to go back as a couple… I think they’d have a lot of problems at first because going back would re-open a lot of old wounds and they’re not exactly experts in the ‘being open with each other’ thing yet. Also the sleeping arrangements because they’d be so close but so far away at the same time. 

But they’d also study in the library together and have a lot of cute and fluffy moments together ^.^

*shameless plug* I wrote a fanfic about this around a year ago if anyone’s interested…… There’s a link in my navigation…

Let the welcome back feast BEGIN!



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Oh yeah I’m fine

More photosets not for the weak